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  • World Ocean Day

    Purchase any of our ocean inspired apparel today and we will donate 50% of any profit we make to ocean conservation and research.
  • Kai Pyyvaara Wins Dual Slalom at CRANKSWORX!!!

    @crankworxcairns did not disappoint with an amazing 3 days of events capped with our very own Shredding Trails legend @kai_pyyvaara taking out the <19 Dual Slalom and coming second in the <19 Downhill Category.
  • What A Year!

    It has been just over a year since officially launching Shredding Trails and the brand continuous to grow as a global leader in innovation and enviromental sustainability. 
  • Shredding Trails Sponsors Kooralbyn Bike Festival

    Shredding Trails will be sponsoring the much anticipated Whip-Off on Saturday afternoon at the Kooralbyn Bike Festival. 

  • World Oceans Day | 08-06-22 | Sea The Future

    Our oceans face an enormous and growing threat from something we encounter every day: plastics. An estimated 15 billion kilos of plastic enter th...
  • Breaking News!

    Shredding Trails has become one of the first MTB apparel brands to achieve a 360 degree environmentally sustainable model in reducing the burden o...
  • AM Raptor Jersey - Reviewed By Mountain Biking Coaching Australia

    For the past 3 months the team from MTB Coaching Australia have trialling our All  Mountain Raptor Jersey.  Below is a summary of their findings:
  • Celebrating The Feminine Form.

    We believe that our lady shredders deserve a fair go when it comes to MTB apparel. The design and cut should celebrate the feminine figure and not merely be an afterthought based on a mens design.
  • Science of Fabric: Moisture Absorption Versus Moisture Wicking

    Although both moisture absorptive and moisture wicking fabrics pull moisture away from the skin, they achieve this in different ways. How they achieve this dictates the usefulness of the fabric according to the needs of the athlete.