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What A Year!

It has been just over a year since officially launching Shredding Trails and the brand continuous to grow as a global leader in innovation and enviromental sustainability. 

Enviromental Sustainability

Shredding trails is one of the only mountain biking apparel brands in the world to have achieved a 360 degree environmentally sustainable model in regards to our jerseys which are made from recycled plastic. At the end of their product life cycle we encourage riders to return their jerseys to us to be recycled preventing them from ending up in landfill. The same applies to our technical tees which are made from ethically sourced organic cotton and bamboo. Our range of environmentally friendly products is set to grow steadily throughout 2023, with the introduction of new innovative fabrics, with an ultra comfort factor. 


During 2022 we helped sponsor a  number of MTB events including the Kooralbyn Bike Festival, The  AusCycling  Downhill State Championships, and the Gravity Enduro State Championships held in Queensland. We would like to thank all the event organisers for giving us the opportunity help support these great events during the 2022 MTB calendar.

Ambassador Program

Our ambassador program continuous to grow and is rapidly becoming a platform to the bigger brands with the MTB world. A classic example has been Kai Pyyvaara who exploded onto the MTB scene with Shredding Trails during 2022, picking up co-sponsorship deals Ride Fox Australia, Devlin Custom cycles and POC AUS/NZ to name but a few. Kai will continue to ride for Shredding Trails during 2023 and we applaud him and his family for his loyalty to the brand and its underpinning values. We look forward to nurturing our new riders toward achieving their true potential during 2023.

Thank you to our supporters and followers

Finally the biggest thank you to al that have supported the brand over the years, from its conceptual beginnings, research and development,  ambassadors and most importantly those individuals that have made the choice to purchase our Shredding Trails jerseys. Each and everyone of you are speaking volumes when purchasing our environmentally sustainable jerseys and tech tees. 

By choosing to ride in Shredding Trails apparel, you are contributing towards a healthier planet, whilst also supporting an Australian, family owned business, that is trying to change the world, one jersey at a time :-)