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Celebrating The Feminine Form.

We believe that our lady shredders deserve a fair go when it comes to MTB apparel. The design and cut should celebrate the feminine figure and not merely be an afterthought based on a mens design. This has motivated our team of designers to launch a range of apparel that meets the needs and desires of our lady shredders. Beginning with our iconic camo Jerseys to our recently launched softshell jackets, we have left no stone unturned.


By purchasing our ladies range of apparel you will be sending a clear message that you value our contribution to making a difference to the future our apparel industry and our lady shredders. After all... a vote for us... is a vote for you. 

If you have any questions (regarding custom colour options or the addition of an embroidery logo including your name) feel free direct message us. We love communication as this is the only way to ensure we satisfy your every need.