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AM Raptor Jersey - Reviewed By Mountain Biking Coaching Australia

For the past 3 months the team from MTB Coaching Australia have been trialling our All  Mountain Raptor Jersey.  Below is a summary of their findings.

We at Mountain Bike Coaching Australia (MBCA) have been been extremely impressed with the All Mountain Raptor jersey and how it performs. It's light, fits well, manages to keep us cool on hot days in the Queensland sun and warm when the sun disappears. The greatest compliment we can give the jersey is that you don't notice you're wearing it. This for me, is one of the most important aspects of any technical garment.

If a jersey allows you to perform without worrying about a seam rubbing or feeling damp and heavy when you're working hard then it's doing its job. The All Mountain Raptor jersey does exactly that.  

Combine the jersey's performance with the fact that it is 100% made and manufactured in Australia from recycled plastic bottles no less, this jersey is a no brainer as our 'go to' trail riding and coaching jersey. 

Matt Wilkins (Head Coach, MBCA), Geoff Foxx (Coach, MBCA), Aaron Jones (Coach MBCA). - Sunshine Coast (AUS)